Made for male and female runners, who run more than twice a week, seeking fine socks that provide protection and support for your feet.
This model has a comprehensive size range (e.g. 5.5/6.5 instead of 5.5/8) for a better fit.A special yarn is used at the toe and heel to reduce the risk of chafing
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Reduced chafingSpecial yarns reduce the risk of blisters at the toe and heel.
StabilityComprehensive size range for precise sizing and elasticated strip.
Moisture managementMaterial absorbs and wicks perspiration away
Waranty1 Year
Technical Information

Thread used in the heel and toes.
The component used in the heel and toe is a polyamide thread that is twisted with a second PTFE-coated polyamide thread to reduce the risk of blisters.
Special seam around the tip.
Special construction around the tip allows the sock to follow the shape of the toe area perfectly.The end seam of the socks is located under the toes at the joint to avoid chafing on the top of the foot.
Information / Concept / Technology
Socks : 94.0% Polyamide, Socks : 6.0% Elasthane

Product test
This model has been tested on distances up to Marathon in order to guarantee optimum comfort for our most demanding customers throughout their races.


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Dark socks for XC and trail!!
Used for 7 to 12 months
Managed to pick up the last remaining pair in my size, as officially Winter socks. But who wants white ones in the mud and slurry of Spring/summer XC??
I love these... thick, comfy, wash and wear well.
Fab fit and feel great
Used for 1 week or less
Perfect for running. Not too tight or high on the ankle. Fit is great, didn't slip down and feel soft. They wash well too.
Kiprun Fit Running Socks
Used for 3 to 6 months
I do a lot of cycling and to date these are the best socks I have tried to keep my feet from sweating or getting cold when the weather has been below the normal summer temperature.
Very good
Used for 1 week or less
The best
super fit, very comfortable, look smart!
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
These are ideal socks for building up mileage. No nasty seams to chafe your toes, excellent fit round the ankles, so no chance of irritating gritty bits finding their way next to your skin. I bought the last two small pairs in stock! Sorry, folks, none left. If there were more, I would have bought them up, too!!
Excellent fit
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Great value running socks.
Excellent fit.
Used for 1 week or less
Value for money
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
They should last years, at least my last pair which is the same in a different color is as good as new so far
Used for 1 week or less
Good socks
Good socks
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Goes with with the shoes

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