900 Cycling Rain Poncho - Neon Yellow/Black



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Cycle and sing in the rain. This poncho has sleeves so that you can move easily while staying protected from your head to your knees. The transparent hood opens up your field of view.
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WaterproofStay dry down to your calves for 2 hours. 100% waterproof seams.
StabilityThigh clips so it doesn't fly off
Field of visionHood with transparent sides so you can see all around
VentilationVents under the arms to let the air in
Freedom of movementIts sleeves mean you can easily signal when turning
Compact designIts built-in pouch means you can take it with you everywhere.
CompatibilityStand out at night using optional lights that attach to your chest.
Waranty2 Years
Technical Information

Loose fit so you can wear this poncho over your normal jacket and a 20-litre backpack. Unisex cut that covers you from head to thigh. You can wear your helmet over the hood. Packs away into its front pocket: L26 x H25 x W4 cm.
The material's durability, coating and sealed seams make the garment 100% waterproof. A fabric's waterproofing is determined by measuring its resistance to the pressure exerted by a water column, measured in mm (test based on ISO 811 standard). Our component is resistant to the pressure from 2,000 mm of water. The finished product is approved in a shower test in the lab, where we recreate the conditions of an average downpour: 60 L water per square metre per hour for 2 hours.
Hydrophilic coating (RET = 12): limits condensation inside the garment. To find out whether a fabric is breathable, we test its evaporative resistance or RET (based on the ISO 11092 standard). The lower its resistance, the more the fabric lets water vapour produced by the body escape, and the more breathable it is. For example: RET < 9 = extremely breathable fabric / 9 < RET < 12 = very breathable fabric / 12 < RET < 20 = breathable fabric / RET > 20 = slightly or not breathable fabric.
This product's main fabric is "Ripstop". It is a synthetic fabric with a reinforced woven structure that limits wear while keeping the product breathable and protecting it from getting snagged or torn. We carry out several tests such as resistance to wear, rubbing and ageing to ensure that the fabric's properties, behaviour, thickness and appearance, etc. are not affected by repeated washing.
This product has two points, on the front and back, for attaching a VIOO CLIP, an LED light that clips on anywhere are unclips in an instant. With a red or white light that can be used in continuous or flashing mode, you are clearly visible from up to 110 m away. The battery (9 hours in flashing mode, 4½ hours in continuous mode) is easy to charge using a USB cable (sold with the VIOO Clip).
Information / Concept / Technology
Main fabric : 100.0% Polyamide Yoke (General) : 100.0% Polyester (PES)

Our design team is based in Lille (France), right in the heart of the city where the weather varies hugely from dawn to dusk. All year round we develop new products that have been carefully designed to make cycling easier. To achieve this, before a product appears on the shelves it is tried and tested in real use so that we can develop and improve our range and offer you the best experience possible.

Product test
100% watertight seams, tested in the laboratory. This product has passed a shower test under 60L water / sqm / h for 2 hours. This test reproduces the average conditions of a downpour.

Stockage tips
Don't pack the product away when it is still wet as condensation may form, keeping the product damp. Leave your product to fully dry after use before packing it away.


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cycling poncho
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
brilliant poncho for cycling light weigh so easy to carry on bike, when raining or shower it keeps me dry.
Love it!
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
It's really perfect for commuting in the rain while staying dry! And it looks nice! I recommend it to everyone!
Perfect fit to stay dry until knees
Sizing a bit too big
Sizeing not accurate
The style and overall design is really thoughtful and, if you will, innovative in the cape/poncho market. If the makers would only make the sizes accurate, it would be perfect.The material also needs to be light. I tried it on for 2 minutes and it felt like being in the tropics - way too hot. A lighter material and accurate sizes and you'e good to go! Basically, the upper part is well done - nice deisgn. I ordered it online and tried it on in store and returned striaghtaway.
The design
Size xs is in actuality xxl
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
The ponchos were purchased for people who have had strokes and participate in a stroke cycle group on specially adapted trikes .We have had problems in finding something that met our needs however these ponchos fit well and because they can be secured around the leg they don't rise up in the wind . The sale price was also attractive as we are a charity.
Good quality and weather proof
Mr Charlie Gordon
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Colour are great for early morning & night cycle
And sleeve great not bag,sleeve cuff cover wrist stop rain getm in..very good Length & width cover, plus it good the hat piece has window on side for looking either side ..has kept me dry throughout rain !!
Colour, pouch mac,plastic window
No negatives
Good functionality
Used for 1 week or less
High visibility. Side transparent hood allows one to see side traffic. Overall it is good. Only lacks length to reach to cover till ankles.
Celkem spokojená
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Je chytře ušité, ale při větším dešti mi promoklo. Asi bude nutná ještě dodatečná impregnace.
urde noch nicht getragen, wegen trocknem Sommer
Used for 3 to 6 months
Aber bei einer Anprobe zu Hause alles okay.
Super Regenschutz
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
perfekt für leichten bis mittelstarken Regenfall, schützt den Oberkörper und die Oberschenkel ausreichend gut. Für perfekten Rundumschutz bietet sich eine Regenhose an.
Ein Produkt, dass seinen Zweck erfüllt
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Funktional, gute Verarbeitung, unschlagbarer Preis, einfach empfehlenswert

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