Running is fast moving exercise where 2 of your feet moving above ground which is different from walking. We always put one of your feet down touching ground if we do walking. Jogging is when you do slowly run which is suite for everyone. Jogging heal your physical and mental health, it helps you release stress and anxiety, burn fat.

Every time before and after you do running, you will have to do warm up and cool down to relax and chill your muscle. Streching and warming up and down your body are very important, it is like you are telling yourself that you are going to run. We will slowly down your speed to decrese heat and agjust your breathing to be ready to get normal heart rate. So whenever you are going to run just do not forget to warm up and cool down your body. It will avoid your muscle from getting hurt as well.

While you do running, your will lose some water and salt and nutrients by sweating, we have to sip drinking water often while running. Especially when you do long distance running, you need some water to avoid the state where you lost your water and shock.

Setting goal and proceed your running gradually

For a beginner, you should not increase your speed or your distance fast, You have to practice step by step to, practice your body, your muscle, your heart and your mind and then you will get so relax, comfortable and not too much stress to handle. Then you can add more distance or speed, for example 10% of your average. That is not too less or too much.

Let's get to know about type of running. A beginner when you do jogging for a while ypu will get faster, last longer then it will lead you to running for race.

- Fun run, or we often called it as walking-running for chality. The distance will not over 5 kilomaters. Itis for beginner, this kind of running will not take you too much energy but more fun. Most of runner who do fun run will do jogging run, stop, have some water, or talk to people.

- Mini marathon, this type of running is for intermediate runner who have passed jogging run for a while and need some challenge. Their body have been used to it and adjust properly. The distance is around 10 kilomaters. It is for runner who practice often and properly. When you get use to it, you can do mini marathon everyday to support your lung.

- Half marathon, this long distanceis the half way of full marathon. The distance id 21.1 kilomaters. Runner will have to prepare their body and practice for running more than 10 weeks.

- Marathon, the distance is at 42.195 kilomaters. We have heard about the story of marathon running as there was runner named ""พี่จาหาชือ่เค้านะคะ ไ่แน่ใจเขียนแบบไหน"" runto inform about war news then he ran over Ethens for 42.195 kilomaters that is why the first olympic game setting the distance just like that. Then the 4th olympic was set to give it to The king of England. This type of running need strength, patient, passion and lot of ambition. You haveto practice often and prepare your bdy very well. Because it is a serious stuff to finish this distance. 

- Ultra marathon, is the distance which is over 42.195 kilomaters that we called it for advance level of running. It is suite for runner who have passed marathon already and need to challenge themselves to the longer distance to improve their running performance in a higer level. So it is for advanced runner and we are not suggest this type of running for beginner because it will cause you injury.

KALENJI and KIPRUN by Decathlon presented running shoes, shirt and short, compression, socks for running. We have accessories and running equipments to make your run comfortable. We have smartphone belt, bottle hang for support while you do runnin. We have running cap, GPS watches, stop watches and many more for you here at Decathlon."

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