Adults' Football Socks

Football socks are different from others. The length of football socks should be end around the knees because the players have to put shinguard in real competition. Also, the length will reduce the occasion of injuries from scrubbing after falling or accidents. Kipsta provides 2 segments for socks with variety of colors to be suitable with your jerseys

Kipsta socks F100 this is for beginners with high flexibility and fit. With the special rubber near the ankles, it increase the firming for confidence and movement. Also, behind ankles are increased the breathable sewing for airflow reduce humidity during playing

Kipsta socks F500  this is for regular players. It is produced from Polyamide material to increase airflow and flexibility. Both special rubbers near ankles and middle feet increase the firming for confidence and movement. Increase breathable at the back of feet areas. The grey fabric increases the cushion thickness for soft feeling and durability

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