Children's Football Shoes

Artificial Grass Children Football Shoes

Football shoes for artificial grass HG (Hard Ground) it can be called"Turf" this kind of shoes provide full firmed standing comparison with natural grass shoes because studs are very shorts and wide spreading all of out sole. These shoes are safer for knees and ankles. 

Agility100 this is for beginner children who rare or start to play football with the attractive price at 300 THB

Agility500 Low increases durability and design to be more colorful with children players. It comes with comfortable outsole and velcro strap for kids version. This is for attract children to be passion in football 

Agility500 MID this model is very popular from Decathlon's users. Its capability is as same as low version but it increase the ankle part. This will increase the steady and confidence for the players in any movement.

Agility900 this is top model of Kipsta hard ground shoes for children. It comes with the ankle part to be fit and firmed with users to increase the confidence of movement. There are 5 lace holes that you can adjust to swathe the feet. Insoles come with EVA foam to support the weight and be removable for cleanliness.


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