Yoga is a gather of body and mind type of activity that you can practice anywhere, any time with even very compact area. Focus on your body and your breath united for balance your body, when you’re balanced it will develop your mental with power of creation. Yoga practice that you will have awareness all the time to be meditation to combine with breath inhale and exhale. Keep doing it for balanced in the body, uplifting the mental and control your mental. Let’s yoga practice and you will find that the life has changed. Equipment you may need to practice yoga is simple and not very high investment such as Yoga mat, yoga accessory and apparel.
All Kinds of Yoga Mats The yoga mat is the most essential equipment you need to practice yoga. This item reduces the impact on your body when carrying out different poses and ensures you do not slip. We have a wide variety of yoga mats in different sizes, thickness and colors to satisfy your preferences. We also have a light weight travel mat that ensures that you do not miss out on your yoga sessions when you are overseas or working. Try also our over mat towels, so that you can fold it in your bag and put on mat at the studio. Comfortable Yoga Tops For yoga, it is essential to wear comfortable and stretchy clothes. At Decathlon, our yoga tops are designed to fit any kind of body or any kind of yoga practice. We have choices for both men and women. Together with our seamless technology, some of our tops have a “second skin” feel that will be suitable for other workouts such as barre or Pilates. For our lady yogis, our yoga tops are designed to hug the hips and therefore, you can be confident to do your inversions without having the stress of your top falling on your face. Our stylish bra tops are also designed to not only match our leggings, but to wick sweat quickly and keep your chest feeling comfortable. In all kinds of yoga, the top you wear is an essential part of your workout and comfort. Our comfortable and technical pieces allow yogis to feel confident and stylish going for each yoga session Other Yoga Apparel Perfect your warrior pose and relax into downward dog with yoga clothes that move with your body. Our “second skin and seamless” technology will allow you to move seamlessly into your poses. The last thing you need is to have abrasions at the end of your yoga class. Our opaque leggings will give you the freedom to try any pose you would like, without being conscious of flashing anyone. Our apparel come in many different colors and designs for you to choose from. A loose vest to throw on and grippy socks are helpful extras. Affordable Yoga Accessories We have something for every Singaporean yogi. To accompany your yoga practice, we have other accessories like yoga bricks, cushions and straps. Want to test your balance and try more poses? We have yoga bricks that do the trick. We have knee and wrist pads that can assist you in certain poses so that your joints do not ache. For those busy hustling between work and yoga classes, we have bags that will fit your apparel, mat and accessories altogether! Still on the fence about whether you should try out yoga? Sign up as a Decathlon member and you can attend any of our yoga class for free! If you’re not sure where to start, check out our events page to find out when our next session will be held at! Decathlon is your one-stop yoga shop in Thailand. Find out the nearest Decathlon store to try out our products for yourself.

~Namaste ~

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