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The fitness cardio is a set of physical activities whose purpose is to workout and train his heart. It can be practiced in the room or at home with the appropriate devices. Derived from the word cardiovascular, cardio fitness is a sport that stimulates your heart by increasing your heart rate through exercises where you are constantly moving. Good for fitness, cardio is an excellent weapon against the pounds. Your body will indeed come to draw on your reserves after 30 to 40 minutes of intensive exercises to provide your body with the energy necessary for your practice. For the results to be visible, we advise you to exercise a minimum cardio activity twice a week. Get in shape by exercising at home with Decathlon’s fitness equipment.Looking for a cardiovascular workout or aiming to build up muscles, Decathlon has the solution. This section is focused on machines and tools to get you fitter. We stock cardiovascular fitness equipment and small fitness equipment , like treadmills , Ellipticals , and exercise bikes . Don't forget to wear our Fitness Cardio Apparel to your favorite gym club!

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