Cross training is a combination of strength training (Conditional training) with (Conditional training) or (funcional training) that we can use the equipment alone to play and increase the intensity. Which is called (High iniensity interval training), where we can burn fat and build muscle In a short time And then strengthen the heart There will be a combination of weightlifting In order to be able to develop strength To exert more energy or be able to explode energy in a single place And increase the balance in my body by combining it with the gymnastics In addition to the sports played primarily May have to switch to other exercises. This will help the body to use all the muscles fully and reduce the risk of injury.
For example, people who are training for weight training primarily to strengthen muscles May switch the day to aerobic exercise to keep the lungs and heart healthy or for runners May have to switch to cycling to train other muscles And increase durability as well.
- Strength training is bodybuilding.
- Conditional training or funcional training is weight lifting by using equipment.
- High iniensity interval training or HIIT is an exercise that takes a short time to stimulate the heart.

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