Pool Dive Toys

Our last stage to Aqua learning is to be able to swim underwater. Once children are confident swimming with buoyancy aids and have built strength in their arms and legs, it is time to build cardiovascular strength. To swim well, you need to learn to hold your breath underwater for a period of time and dive. To start off, we have our AQUAWAY, which you can throw in the pool to build tunnels for your child to swim through. To make it more challenging as you progress, put them at a wider distance in the pool so that they can hold their breath until they reach the next loop. 

If your child finds it difficult to stay underwater, try throw our WEIGHTED RINGS in the pool randomly and encourage your child to dive and collect the color or number you choose. This will strengthen their stamina and muscles to push through to the bottom of the pool while having fun. Lastly, TICRAWL allows your child to walk with their hands underwater with the suction cups at the handles. 

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