Dumbbells for exercise that assist in conducting various kinds of health exercises for an individual’s improvement of health. Dumbbell training depends on the weight of the dumbbell, the pace of the workout and the number of repetitions of a particular exercise you carry out. This helps us with cardiovascular fitness, burning calories and increasing muscle mass or endurance for various sports. You can use dumbbells with various weights such as 5kg dumbbell, 10kg dumbbell, 20kg dumbbell, etc.

Muscle Training: Dumbbell is the go-to equipment for anyone interested in bodybuilding or staying fit in general. Dumbells can either be used for bodybuilding or just to tone muscles. It is always recommended to combine resistance training through which our muscles are developed with cardio exercises like running, swimming, etc..

Dumbbells can be used to create an aerobatic workout step designed to help us burn more calories by increasing our heart rate. Aerobic exercises paired with dumbbells helps in loss of weights and decrease the risk of diabetes, strokes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, etc. This type of work out helps not only in weight loss or burning calories but dumbbells also in gaining muscle mass, increasing muscle endurance and improving muscle strength.

Dumbbells can be used to improve muscular endurance or using muscles over time in activities like playing tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc. 

At Decathlon we offer multiple dumbbells of various kinds and weights which can be chosen as per the convenience of the customer.

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