Proteins and supplements

Whey protein Shakers , Easy to mixing protein powder , Durable , Portable

Protein is a nutrient that consists of Essential amino acids for the body repairing and strengthening the muscles

Whey protein is a high quality source of protein. Which is full of important nutrients and amino acids extracted from milk There are many types ,Isolate whey protein that extract of carbohydrates and fats, leaving only protein And Concentrate whey protein that still have some carbohydrates and fats

Why Decathlon protein shaker bottle?

Ease of Use  Decathlon protein shaker is designed with mixer blades to make sure mixing protein easy. Running late for the gym, don’t worry, mixing and getting your protein shake ready has never been easier. Our shaker bottle also doubles as a gym bottle or a sports water bottle that you can throw in your gym bag to keep yourself hydrated while you workout intensely.

One of the issues with all sports bottle or sports water bottle, when thrown around, is the water spillage. Imagine getting to the gym to find out your gym shoes soaked because the cap on your sports water bottle came off. We know how that feels. This led us to design a protein shaker bottle that has a secure snap-on cap to make sure your protein shaker is closed when not in use and keep your gym accessories safe.

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