To allow you to eat comfortably or to rest quietly when camping, we sell a full range of camping seats. In order to meet all your expectations, you will find different types of seating (stools, chairs and armchairs) with different heights (high seats and low seats). Depending on the comfort you are looking for, you will also find different advantages: with or without armrests, with or without reclining systems, etc. Quechua camping seats We offer a wide range of foldable camping seats: from stools for the most compact and minimalist, to the recliner-style armchair for the most comfortable, including all sizes of camping chairs with or without armrests. Whatever your need or whatever your expectations, you will find the seat you are looking for. How to choose your camping seat? The choice of your camping seat must be based on the what you will be using it for: - If you just want to rest for a few minutes while traveling, hiking, or whatever, the tripod is a safe bet. In addition, it is our lightest and most compact product in the range; - If you want to recover from a long hike, armchairs with armrests are much more comfortable. You can even take a nap; - If you simply want a seat to eat on, chairs are the best compromise. They also exist for juniors with more colourful versions; - If you want a friendly seat, some of our armchairs have a special place for your glass or your drink. Features and additional information All of our seats, from the tripod to the chair, are solid and resistant: up to 150 kgs for adult products.

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