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Football Shinguard

Football Shinguard is non focusing product. However, it is very important on football pitch. Shinguard is protection of players legs and legs are the core of football. Shinguard has to be wear firmly with legs and then wearing the socks. Shinguard from Kipsta provides many options of shapes and price depending on users to be secure for users safety. It is not only professional players we provide products for all levels of users

Beginner Shinguard Kipsta F100 the outer part is made by hard but flexible plastic to reach the standard for protection. The inner part is added foam for comfortable. It come with straps to be more steady and firmed during movement.

Football shinguard from Kipsta F140 has the same property as F100 but adding up the support parts at the ankles. This support parts are made to improve the steady and maintain the position of shinguard during movement by velcro fasteners. Also, as it is made from soft material, it can protect the light bump around ankles.

Football shinguard Kipsta F180 this product is for players who do not like straps. This product comes with elastic fabric. The fabric is airflow and soft touch. Wearing this fabric instead of straps to stick the guards with your shins and then wearing the socks

Football shinguard 3 in 1 F700 it provides 3 parts in the package 1. elastic fabric with shinguard as a normal standard wearing. 2. the protection around the ankles can be used individually  3. Combining second part with the first part to be full protection during playing football.

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