Gloves for Weight Training.In wearing clothing, gloves and protective equipment for weight training Will allow you to exercise Whether at home or in the gym Comfortable While also preventing injury from training.Wearing weight training gloves Helps protect the hand skin from grip bars and also tightens the bar grip. There are also gloves that can wrap the wrist. To support for heavy lifting.

However, you don’t have to suffer from aching wrists and bruises on your palms while doing weight training exercises, neither worry about slipping off the barbell due to excess perspiration. Thanks to the bodybuilding gloves!

We design sturdy gloves whose core is made with leather while the softer part of it is cushioned and made of polyester, elastane, and neoprene. The fabric is durable and provides extra grip to hold heavy weights. Our gloves come in various styles covering either the entire hand or just the palms.

We have weighted belts to increase the difficulty of your favourite bodyweight workouts like chin-ups and dips that can help you achieve your goals quickly. We also cater to lifting belts for safety of your back while lifting heavyweights

Our weighted belts come with a hook, that lets you centre the added weight. The extra layer of fabric at the back guarantees comfort. It can hold 28 mm and 50 mm plates, as well as Kettlebells. The lifting belts are adjustable and provide the effective lumbar support

Hand Grip strength is very important but often overlooked. You use grip strength for everything from holding a pen to carrying a bag of groceries to playing an instrument. This is why we design hand grips for strength training or physio exercises for hands and forearms. It is made with rubber grips for comfort during your workout and comes with an adjustable handgrip (10 to 40 kg) with dial adjustment. 

Wrist Support, StrapWrist Support and Straps can be used to increase the number of reps by taking some strain off your forearms. We design pull-up straps that will help you with lifts and deadlifts. Our straps provide a good, comfortable grip for all sorts of lifting exercises.

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