Tennis Rackets

Fancy your chances as the next Djokovic or Williams? Best get practicing
those shots and serves! With the help of our tennis rackets, you’ll be heading for centre court in no time.

Even if you’re just playing for fun with friends, or as part of your keep-fit routine,
you'll need a decent racket to help you. We're specialists and we know that everyone is different,
be that age, size or ability, so we've made sure to pack our
range of tennis rackets with something for all sports stars.
The main things to think about are the size of the racket head - bigger gives you more power and
because there's a greater surface area, more chance of hitting the ball,
while a smaller design requires more power and will reward you with precision.

Once you've found the one for you, be sure to stock up on spare strings and tape for the handle.

We are proud to present our kid's tennis rackets are very popular for every international school around Thailand,
which they are very reachable prices, moreover that they have a grip variation practice on their handle!
For practicing your kids for the future tennis superstars!!

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