Waterproof Bag 

Our team of fellow paddlers designed a dry bag with a shoulder strap to protect your belongings from getting wet when doing water sports Resistant from splashes, spray, and brief immersion. Adjustable clip-on shoulder strap. 

A waterproof bag protects your belongings from splashes of water and brief immersion. Ideal for kayaking, stand-up paddling, or light sailing. Resistant to splashes, spray, and brief immersion. 5L capacity to hold a water bottle, wallet, phone, and keys 10L capacity big enough to hold a small towel, wallet, and phone. 30L capacity big enough to hold your personal belongings for a day outdoors. 

Waterproof Backpack has 2 sizes as 20L usable capacity to hold small belongings and spare clothes and 30L usable capacity to hold your essential belongings for 2 days. 

We also have a waterproof phone pouch well-sealed, the pouch is waterproof up to 1 metre for 30 minutes: IPX8 standard protects your phone from getting wet when doing water sports and nautical sports. And Quick and simple zip fastening.

Telephone functions: OUT OF WATER. The phone's touchscreen functions work: you can make calls, take photographs, and read on your screen. UNDERWATER. The water against the screen means the touchscreen will not work. To take photos underwater, you can configure your telephone to take photographs using the device's mechanical buttons. 

Opening and closing precautions: Slide the clip. Unfold the film. Insert the telephone by pulling apart the sides. Refold the film. Carefully replace the clip all the way to the end. Check the pouch's water resistance regularly using a paper towel. 

Precautions for electronic devices: Electronic devices are fragile and valuable. We recommend doubling up their protection by putting phones in waterproof pouches inside dry bags. Cameras can be put in a small dry bag (5L or 10L) placed inside a large dry bag (20L or 30L). Ensure your bags are correctly closed and regularly check water resistance before your sessions using a paper towel. 

Fastening system: To ensure good water resistance: 1/ carefully roll the top of the bag over 5 times, folding tightly over the width of the strap 2/ fasten the central buckle 3/ fasten the side buckles Leave some air in the bag. The bag should appear inflated once closed: this makes it more watertight and allows it to float if dropped in the water. 

Storage advice: Rinse with clean water and dry the product before storing for long periods to keep the materials in good condition.

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