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Decathlon provides all the necessities for a perfect surf holiday. Our surfboards will provide you with endless fun on the beach. We stock boards for men, women and kids so the whole family can share in the fun! Choose your surfboard based on your skill level and also what you can benefit from features such as; easy handling and access, durability and grip, as well as lightweight.


Do you feel like discovering a new sport? To be in contact with nature 365 days a year? To experience unique sensations, so addictive that you will never stop thinking about surfing? A surfboard will launch you into a new lifestyle that you will never escape from! In our surf shop you will find all kinds of surfboards for all levels. SURF BOARDS FOR BEGINNERS. To discover surfing, there is nothing better than our 100 foam range, for both children and adults, who are looking to surf their first foam without any danger. All of them have a main feature that is safety, the board is reinforced with foam that will protect us from possible blows and the keels will be rubber, which will prevent possible cuts. In addition, its large volume, will facilitate the start-up from the first contact with the sea .. The range 100 can be found available in size 6 feet and 7 feet for children or adults of less weight and 8 feet and 8.6 for adults.

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