Manage the temperature, thanks to a hiking fleece When hiking or trekking, temperature management is strategic. During physical exercise, during the pause, or even on the way down, our body temperature is never stable. This is why it is important to be able to protect yourself from the cold with an additional layer (second layer): this is the fleeces role. Worn over a hiking t-shirt also called the first layer. This fleece can have several properties: breathable to evacuate moisture during physical exercise, warm to protect from the cold when temperatures drop, comfortable for a hike in the best conditions and even eco-designed for part of our offer. The fleece and its properties Fleece fabric provides warmth, thanks to its brushed component. With a polyester mesh, allowing water vapor to evacuate for more breathability. It offers real freedom of movement thanks to its stretch weaving. An essential for hiking In your hiking backpack, there are some essentials you must take along with you. Carrying water, food, a waterproof jacket in the event of a downpour and a fleece in the case of a sudden change in temperature. This is why Quechua and Forclaz fleeces are designed to be lightweight so they are easy to transport, compact so as not to take up a lot of space and above all always warm, which is essential during your hikes.

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