HIKING AND TREKKING PANTS: FOR SUMMER AS FOR WINTER, THEY STRIDE ALONG THE GR ROUTES If you like to follow the GR routes (major footpaths crossing several regions), hiking pants have become an essential element along with your hiking jacket and backpack. It must be resistant, comfortable, practical and must protect you from the sun as from the rain. You have to feel comfortable with plenty of freedom of movement. In Quechua we offer womens, mens and junior hiking pants cut from cotton or technical fabrics to help you hike freely. WHAT FABRIC SHOULD I CHOOSE FOR HIKING PANTS? The quality of the fabric used for hiking pants is paramount. When you leave for several days with only a backpack, you do not take your entire wardrobe with you. You need clothes that wash easily and dry quickly. In summer, light cotton fabrics or wrinkle-resistant fabrics that limit perspiration are recommended. For winter, you need thicker fabrics to protect yourself from rain or cold You will also need to wear waterproof over-pants. They are cut from waterproof material, tightened at the ankles and laced at the waist to prevent water from entering. Canvas models are perfect for all seasons. HOW DO YOU KNOW IF HIKING OR TREKKING PANTS ARE OF GOOD QUALITY? It is important that your pants dont let you down along the way. Imagine for a moment that you had to get a sewing needle out!… Hiking or trekking pants must be solid and resistant. The different parts of the garment must be joined together by triple folded seams. The pocket bottoms must be reinforced as well as the knees and the buttocks. The flexibility of the garment is also essential. Choose textiles with stretch or spandex. The belt must be fitted and reinforced with elastic bands to stop you feeling compressed. WHAT TYPE OF CUT SHOULD I CHOOSE FOR MY HIKING PANTS? Choose a classic cut. Hiking pants for men and women resemble waterproof over-pants in general. Comfort takes precedence over aesthetics. On the other hand, you may appreciate certain functions, such as numerous pockets with buttons or snap buttons and also pants that can be transformed into shorts thanks to a zip around the knee. In summer, you will appreciate this modularity. The 2-in-1 hiking pants save space too!

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