Training material

Every good swimmer must have good training material, with low prices all year round.
From Decathlon we present our full range of products for a good swimming training.

PADDLES, We have paddles adapted to all aquatic activities. Paddles that can help you to improve the position of the arm, passing through the finger Paddle specially designed for the Breaststroke and Butterfly styles since its surface is smaller and therefore it will be easier to move. We also have our innovation paddle, the Easystroke, which will help you to improve your stroke on the water.
KICKBOARDS AND PULLBOYS: In swimming training we like to train separately the upper trunk of the lower one.
For the work of the upper trunk, we have Pullboys that will help us keep our legs stretched and immobile while being lifted thanks to the buoyancy that will allow us to take the body horizontally, allowing us to focus on the stroke . In addition to these specific products Decathlon has in its range of tables and pullboys the Pull kick, a flotation element whose use is adaptable for both the lower and upper trunk.

FINS, The fins combined with the batting board are an essential element in the work of the lower trunk for a swimmer. Within the range available in Decathlon you will find short fins and long fins. Short fins, its use is specially designed for a job with a higher heart rate and a lower muscular work, since the rhythm of batting will be greater but the muscular work will be less.
The use of long fins is completely contrary, this type of fin to have a larger surface will suppose a greater displacement of water and therefore a greater muscular effort, this prevents us from having a very high foot frequency and therefore a lower heart rate work.

FRONT SNORKELS will make the time dedicated to get in swim shape as light as possible for your cervical. These tubes have a fastening on the forehead regardless of the glasses that are used, so it will allow the neck to be relaxed without having to make sudden movements.

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