Scuba diving gear and accessories

In Decathlon you can find all the diving equipment and accessories that the diver needs. Our SUBEA brand provides great quality at the best price. The diving Jacket allows the diver to control the buoyancy during the dive. It is part of the heavy equipment. The operation of the diving jacket is very simple, it is a camera from which we can control the volume of air, and therefore the flotation. In this way before and after the dive when it is fully inflated it acts like a life jacket keeping the diver afloat. At the beginning of the dive the Jacket is emptied for the descent and during the same its volume is regulated with the trachea and from the air of the bottle to achieve a neutral flotation that offers greater comfort and reduces air consumption, providing a dive longer and safer.

All diving vests comply with strict European regulations ensuring their operation in the harshest conditions. All diving jackets have the same parts: Backpack or back where the bottle is fixed, bladder, trachea with the buttons of filling and purging, valve of emptying that opens when pulling the trachea, and upper and lower valve.

DIVING GLASSES: Diving glasses with a bottle differ from those for snorkeling for several reasons. In the first place, diving goggles seek a wider range of vision, mainly in the vertical field that will allow the diver to see their own diving equipment. This feature is achieved by mounting the glasses, orienting one of the vertices towards the bottom, which increases the vision of the body itself. Also some models of diving masks tilt the glasses on the plane of the face to magnify that field of inferior vision.
The skirt of the diving glasses sold in DECATHLON is always made of hypoallergenic silicone. It comes in two types: The translucent or transparent silicone skirt has the advantage of offering the scuba glasses a great comfort of vision, since the user will hardly notice that the mask is worn. The black or opaque silicone skirt has the advantage of limiting reflections, resting the eyesight, focusing the vision and offering a better aging of the material. Although the field of vision seems to be reduced, it is really the same.
The frame of diving glasses with bottle can be found monocrystal or bicristal. The advantage of the monocrystal is the comfort and amplitude of vision. The advantage of the bicristal frame is the reduction of the internal volume of the mask that helps its compensation, maintaining a good field of vision when bringing the glasses closer to the eyes. Likewise, the frames of the diving goggles can be rigid or frameless.

SCUBA DIVING FINS: The scuba diving fins are characterized by being powerful to allow us to move along the seabed together with our equipment and overcome changing environmental conditions such as currents, waves or tides among others. At the same time they have to provide comfort to the diver and be as compact as possible both to facilitate the luggage and to allow us to enter cavities, wrecks and narrow places.
The diving fins are divided into two types:
Diving fins footwear (or closed). They are usually used in places with warm temperatures. They are very comfortable in the water and their movement is very hydrodynamic. They are used with neoprene socks.
In the second place we find the adjustable (or open) diving fins, they have the advantage of being able to be used with neoprene boots, which protects the foot before and after the dive. It allows to use greater thicknesses and therefore greater thermal protection. They can be used in a larger number of foot numbers and are quickly fitted and removed, which facilitates the entry and exit of water from the shore or boat. Adjustable diving fins are the most used in autonomous diving.
For the choice of your diving fins with a bottle, we recommend you take into account your experience in its use and your physical shape. The most powerful diving fins, with lateral nerves or very rigid paddles are suitable for people in good physical shape and with experience in diving. The softer diving fins will be more suitable for divers with less strength in the lower train.

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