Diving wetsuits

In Decathlon you can find all the diving equipment and accessories that the diver needs. Our SUBEA brand provides great quality at the best price. The diving suits with bottle allow the diver to keep his body temperature during the dive. Our SUBEA brand has a wide range of diving suits adapted to all temperatures and levels at the best price.

The diving suits are made of neoprene sandwich, that is; polychloroprene foam lined on both sides with fabric, similar to the other water sports suits but with the difference that the diving suits offer a greater density and less compressibility so that with the depth its thickness is not diminished. In the composition of the diving suits include the lined textiles. Although, the interior is always made with neoprene foam, the exterior and interior textile finishes can vary according to their type and use.

The diving suits with standard finishes are polyester. They offer a great resistance to abrasion and the best price. On the other hand, polyamide-lined diving suits offer greater elasticity of the suit that favours dressing and undressing as well as increasing comfort during use. There are also diving suits with external finishes with greater textile reinforcement to apply for example on knees, elbows or shoulders. As well as specific finishes for the interior like the plush or the thermospan that increase the comfort and reduce the circulation of water inside the suit. All the diving suits with bottle have glued and sewn seams (GBS) this offers tightness to the set. First, the neoprene panels are glued to later be sewn on one or both sides independently to prevent the needle from crossing the panel, producing a permeable point of water. They exist in different thicknesses and finishes of diving suits that allow to adapt the equipment to the water temperature.

All SUBEA suits comply with current regulations demonstrating their use under empirical conditions in the following temperature ranges:

Category B: Diving suits for cold waters between 10 and 18ºC - 7mm Wetsuits and Semi-Drys

Category C: Diving suits for warm water between 16 and 24ºC - 5mm Wetsuits

Category D: Diving suits for warm waters between 22 and 30ºC - 3mm Wetsuits

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