Visit the Nabaiji brand pool towel collection with the best value for money in Decathlon. We can proudly say that all microfiber towels are made in Thailand to satisfy the needs of our thai swimmers. Within the range of pool towels, you will find our traditional cotton towel models very soft, comfortable and with different designs, colors and drawings to suit your tastes and that of the little ones, cotton towels are comfortable and very soft . But it is true that they take up a lot of space, if you are looking for a more compact towel that can be carried in the backpack and occupies very little and that is also a fast drying, we recommend that you try our microfiber towels, available in several colors, and various sizes.

In Decathlon you can find S size towels ideal for use in the gym, recommended size to dry the face and arms sweat, if you are looking for an intermediate towel you can find the size M 65 size towels x 90 or L size swimming towels measuring 80 x 130cm, but if you want the largest towel in our range, then we recommend the XL microfiber towel with measures of 11 0 x 175 cm, ideal to cover your entire body, all our microfiber towels come equipped with a strap that facilitates fast storage and with our product components suitable for the fast drying and compactness you need. The right way to dry faster your body with this type of towels is to give small taps and touches on the skin with the towel, so you will get dry more quickly and the towel will not be very wet, remember to keep a hygiene on your pool towels, as it is a product that maybe We forget to wash very often and it is important to wash to avoid odors, the good thing about microfiber is that it is machine washable and does not tear, having a fairly good resistance to repeated washes, so you will not have to worry about the durability of the product.


We would like to offer you our soft microfiber hair towels, which thanks to its design perfectly holds the hair for its enveloping shape and its button closure.

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