Goggles and masks


If in your sports bag is missing a pair of swimming goggles, you'll find the perfect ones here. We've got brightly coloured, watertight styles that offer clear vision, or mirrored or fogged options. We've also created self fit designs that can be adapted for short-sighted swimmers with corrective lenses or prescriptions. The first thing you have to do is to know what type of glasses you need, according to your type of swim and the shape of your face.

What glasses do we recommend?
For swimmers of occasional level: If you swim occasionally, ideally, medium-sized or mask-type glasses with wide field of view and easy adjustment, to feel comfortable in your sports practice and that the swimming glasses do not bother you.

For regular practice swimmers: If you train regularly you can also use medium sized swim goggles but with greater fastening or even adjustable and interchangeable bridge, which allows you to adapt your pool goggles according to your daily training and according to the shape of your face.

For swimmers of intensive practice or competition: If you train daily or even want to compete, the ideal would be a small size glasses with hydrodynamic design, created by Fabien Gilot collaborator of NABAIJI and Olympic champion.

If you are looking for swimming goggles to compete, you can find Swedish, lightweight glasses to improve the speed of your swim in swimming pools, or if you are going to swim in open waters, SPIRIT models allow you to wear swimming goggles with mirror glasses that help to swim with sun of face and in addition they assure a good 
and limitation of the fog.

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