Pool shoes


One of the most important parts of the body that we must take care of is our feet, and in any sport practice it is essential to wear the right shoes to your level and your passion sport. In Decathlon we offer you a range of flip flops that have the best grip on the floor and edges of the pools, so we can avoid any kind of uncomfortable slip that can cause a fortuitous injury, besides our pool shoes are not limited to flip flops, if not we have a range of pool clogs that also protect our fingers from possible knocks or stomps.

Our swimming slippers are comfortable thanks to its lightness in addition to finding our products with the best value for money, thanks to our conception and own creation that makes us keep improving our products day after day without increasing the prices. Most of our pool slippers are designed for the movements to the edge of the pool so they need the highest adhesion but also usually contain a low or high density EVA foam insole that allows us to move not only in a safe way but also with the greatest comfort for our feet.

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