Swimming caps and protections


To choose your swimming cap, you need to know first that we have two sizes, large and small, usually the big one is for adults and the small one recommended for children, taking into account the size, the next thing you should know is what type of material it adapts better to your practice and intensity of swimming, depending on it, you will know if you want a more watertight or more comfortable cap.

For swimmers of occasional level: We recommend knitted swimming caps that provide great comfort and ease of placement to help keep hair collected while swimming.

For swimmers of regular practice: We recommend silicone-coated swim caps, it provides more support than knit caps and is very easy to put on and take off, besides it protects a little more water than knitted caps without lining.

For swimmers of intensive practice or competition: We recommend silicone caps, favours the support and guarantees a very good tightness, greater than the aforementioned materials, in addition we also have neoprene caps for open water with greater protection from the cold in outdoor water crossings.

You can find baby swimcaps also in our range, with very colorful designs, swimming hats with drawings of animals and very funny shapes that will make your little one does not want to take off his hat all day long, discover our models of swimming pool caps for babies.

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