Girls' swimsuits


Meet our collection of swimsuits for girls ideal for swimming sports, very resistant to pool chlorine and with great grip and freedom of movement to improve the swimming technique. Within the range of pool swimsuits, we have models bikini type pool for girls, ideal for swimming with great freedom of movement, you can also combine the different parts of up and down according to your morphology of the body or the colors that you like.

If you prefer it is sold the complete bikini set for girls or if you are more than swimsuit of swimming, you can discover the full range and color of swimming trunks for girls that we have on our website. black, pink, purple and multicolored swimsuits, swimsuits with skirt, and swimsuits with different styles of back and cuts that provide great freedom of movement for perfect swimmers, comfort to start or great resistance for girls who are experts in swimming.

The Kloupi model, signed by Nabaiji, which is a swimming wetsuits for children that help to better support of the child's body and a greater contribution of heat on cold days, so they can enjoy more of the water and improve their technique in swimming in a more enjoyable way.

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