Clothes worn directly on the skin, like t-shirts or warm underwear, need to wick away perspiration. Second layers provide warmth. Hiking fleeces are ideal for this. Lighter than a jumper, but more or less warm, depending on the weight of the fabric, they also dry quickly. If you are excessively warm this layer can be quickly removed. To withstand the cold, rain and snow, a truly waterproof third-layer, high-performance garment is essential in the mountains. Hiking or trekking clothing targets comfort, freedom of movement and needs to adapt to changing climatic conditions. The thickness of the clothing and its weight also play an important role. Hiking and trekking pants and shorts also have several qualities that make them perfect for this sport. Lightweight and robust, highly breathable and windproof or waterproof, the jackets offer protection against the elements and improve freedom of movement. When it comes to socks, humidity must be avoided at all costs. Synthetic fibres or wool are recommended depending on the type of hike. Suitable footwear is essential to prevent falling and to feel comfortable during the hike. Once blisters appear, the hike can become a real ordeal.

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