When you are doing one of these sports, lighting systems are essential. Thanks to the LED technology, they are more efficient but also more compact. Several options are available: lanterns, headlamps or torches. Quechua and Forclaz will show you which ones are best suited for your trip. Forclaz bivouac lamps For more intensive or more regular use, especially trekking over several days, Forclaz recommends hiking torches that display at least 100 lumens. It is the guarantee of high lighting power and optimized autonomy. Many of our lamps operate in two modes. In a position of strong light, they are perfect for lighting up your route when you are moving quickly at night. In the eco position, they have a shorter light range, but increased autonomy. This makes them very good companions for night or twilight walks. Finally, in terms of weight, prefer torches and headlamps as they are lighter; less than 200 grams. Quechua and Forclaz hiking lamps Converted to LED technology, torches and headlamps for hiking have gained as much in autonomy as in durability. They can therefore provide light for several hours. In this section, there are dynamo torches which do not need batteries, you only need to turn the crank for a few seconds to recharge the torch. Small in size, but with good grip, the mini LED torches fit easily into your backpack or your pocket. They are therefore accessible in all circumstances. With their dimensions perfectly suited for small hands, there are many torches for children. They can also use them while camping or in a tent at the bottom of the garden with their friends. Quechua and Forclaz handy lamps Finally, note that lighting can also constitute an effective emergency solution. We can easily slide them into a drawer at home, into the glove compartment of your vehicle, or even into a motorcycle bag to keep them close at hand. You will see, they are always useful!

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