Hiking & Trekking Shoes


In winter as for summer, hiking is the perfect activity to take advantage of all that nature has to offer, helping you also to keep fit and having fun at the same time. To hike in the best conditions, nothing is more essential than a good pair of hiking or trekking boots! Our design teams work daily to offer you products that are adapted to your sport and to the terrain on which you will hike on. We offer you a complete footwear range in order to satisfy all adults and children who want to take advantage of those hiking trails.


If hiking can be a harsh test for your feet and ankles, good hiking or trekking footwear will prevent blisters appearing and reduce the risk of sprains. Choosing the wrong footwear could cause unpleasant sensations and feet that hurt could turn your mountain experience into a true nightmare … Low, mid or high uppers, you will find in our catalog the model that answers your need. And finally, combining a pair of hiking socks with adapted insoles would be perfect and then nothing could possibly happy to ruin your hiking experience.


If you go hiking over several consecutive days, trekking boots will be the most suitable. Robust, resistant and waterproof, they will be perfect for discovering the most beautiful treks such as ABC (Annapurna Base Camp). Your feet will be well supported thanks to the high upper.


If you go hiking for a few hours, half a day or even a full day, your need is not the same. Depending on the terrain on which you are going to hike on and the elevation, you need to choose different types of footwear:

Nature hiking: If you want to go on a more or less long walk without any significant elevation gain, opt for natural hiking footwear. Their soft soles are made especially for slightly sloping terrain. They are very comfortable. Low or mid-uppers, up to you to choose the one that suits your needs best.

Mountain hiking: When it comes to hiking, it is above all a matter of choosing a solid, resistant and comfortable footwear model. For long hikes with a heavy backpack, choose high uppers which have the advantage of supporting the ankle perfectly. The rigid soles are ideal for steep slopes. The quality of your mountain boots contributes to your safety and comfort during your outdoor hikes. It is therefore important to take care when choosing them and to check certain criteria, first of all foot support, but also the height of the upper and the stiffness of the soles. -

Snow hiking: If you want to discover snowy landscapes and get a breath of fresh air, snow hiking is for you. To take a leisurely stroll in powdery or on packed snow, you will mainly be hiking on relatively flat or slightly hilly terrain, snow boots are the best. Warm and above all perfectly waterproof, you will keep your feet warm and dry even for several hours when walking in the snow. For a sportier hike in the snow or with snowshoes, opt for warm and waterproof footwear. Snowcontact soles allow for a good balance between grip and traction. Your ankles will be well maintained. Lined with a brushed component, your feet will stay warm.

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