Keeping food cool is one thing, keeping it warm is another. For this, you will find our Quechua isothermal offer of food boxes, bottles, thermos flasks and mugs. All of the products and materials in this offer meet current food contact standards and therefore do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA) *. For your drinks: Our insulated bottles, or thermos flasks, have a stainless-steel cup for easy use. You can easily keep your drinks cool or warm, and drink them whenever you want. Ideal to accompany you outside your camp during your sports activities. We have also thought of the coffee and / or tea addicts with our resealable insulated mugs. For your meals: Insulated food boxes and lunch boxes are ideal for keeping your meals warm for several hours. In the same way as the insulated bottles, they can accompany you during your sporting or cultural activities. We also sell insulated covers that you can find with water bottles and water bags. * Bisphenol A is a chemical compound used for the synthesis of plastics and resins used in the manufacture of many products of daily life (food and non-food). It has the ability to migrate from its containers to food or drink that is in contact with it, which can be ingested by the human body.

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