In Decathlon, you will always find the mattress adapted to your needs and your activity. We sell a wide range of camping mattresses and bivouac mattresses. So, you can find foam mattresses, self-inflating mattresses or inflatable mattresses. For camping, we recommend that you choose from the most comfortable ones, namely the inflatable mattresses. For bivouac on the other hand, we advise you to opt for a light and compact one, namely the foam mattresses or self-inflating ones. Quechua and Forclaz foam mattresses Very lightweight, foam mattresses take up little space and ensure correct comfort for campers and trekkers. Quechua and Forclaz self-inflating mattresses Self-inflating mattresses inflate up to 80% of their volume. They are composed of crushed foam. When you open the valve, the built-in foam draws in air. This foam is made up of polyester and guarantees a minimum of comfort even in the event of a puncture. If this happens to you, these mattresses are easy to repair using a repair kit that you will find in spare parts and sleeping accessories. Quechua inflatable mattresses Inflatable mattresses are the bulkiest but by far the most comfortable. They are thicker and much more insulating compared to all other types of mattresses. To inflate them you will need a pump: either a hand pump or a foot pump depending on the mattress. Some models have an integrated pump, which makes inflation extremely easier. To choose the right pump, check our recommendation for each model found on the product sheet of the mattress. What mattresses exist for 2 people? - Foam mattresses and self-inflating mattresses are more intended for trekkers and they only exist in individual format. - The inflatable mattresses are more intended for campers and therefore exist in several formats: 70 cm for the individual format and 120 cm or 140 cm for the two-person format. To increase your sleeping comfort, you can also add a bed frame or camp bed under your mattress.

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