ALL OUR QUECHUA CAMPING FURNITURE In order to fit all sizes of our tent, you will find a wide selection of picnic tables folding , Assize folding camping , plaids camping and other storage units . These products are intended to facilitate your life on the camp by allowing you to add a certain comfort in your actions related to cooking and meals in particular. QUECHUA CAMPING TABLES AND STORAGE FURNITURE Find our folding camping tables and storage furniture to facilitate your cooking and meals on your camp. Two table heights are available depending on your needs: high tables and low tables . QUECHUA CAMPING SEATS Find our camping seats : from the tripod to the chair via the chair , also available in high or low height , you will inevitably find the camping seat that suits you. IDEAL FOR YOUR PICNICS For your outdoor picnics, we offer blankets . You can use it as a tablecloth and as a seat to isolate you and your food from the ground.

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