The difference between Camping and Bivouac In Decathlon, we believe that camping and bivouac are two different activities. So, to make sure that you have the best possible experience, we sell adapted equipment, such as tents, camp lighting and everything you need for sleeping (mattresses, sleeping bags, etc.) Equip yourself for camping This summer you may have decided to go camping with your family or friends to disconnect and enjoy nature! In Decathlon, we offer a whole range of tents for 2 to 8 people, as well as shelters to set up your kitchen space or enlarge your living space. Camping tents are designed as real living spaces to offer you the best possible comfort, almost like at home. The bedrooms are big enough for you to put in large mattresses and sleeping bags for camping and the central room allows you to place a camping table, chairs, and depending on the volume of the tent, other storage units. To improve your sleeping experience, you can opt for many accessories: bed frames or camp beds, pillows, hammocks, etc. We also sell a wide range of additional equipment in order to increase your comfort when camping: our hygiene offer so that you can wash yourself as you wish, our camping coolers to store your food and drinks, and of course, our pumps and inflators specially designed for our inflatable tents and inflatable mattresses. Equip yourself to go on a Bivouac The material designed for bivouacking is very different, it is above all easily transported. Therefore, the tents are ultra-light, very compact and because of their shape you cannot stand upright in them. Despite this, you will sleep comfortably and you will have enough space to store your backpack and your belongings. Whether you go camping alone or with friends, you will find the bivouac tent adapted to your needs since our range extends from individual tents to 4-person tents. Depending on the duration of your expedition, consider putting dried meals, a stove and light cooking utensils into your backpack. And dont forget safety essentials like a headlamp, a first-aid kit, a survival blanket, etc.

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