Adults' futsal clothing

Adults' futsal underwears

Popularity of sport underwear is gradually increasing in Thailand. Why should we wear sport underwear? Sport underwear has capability to support the user not only football player. It can be used for other sports. The fabric is breathable due to dry of outfits and protect the sticky of the outfits while it is very wet. This will increase the performance when playing in cold weather. It has high flexibility fabric, so the movement is freely. Also, it contains the muscles in the right position. This leads to less injury opportunity.

Top Underwear Keepdry 100 High flexibility, designed based on human anatomy, air flow reducing wet for outfits, easily dry, weather protection, reduce injury occasion

Bottom Underwear Shorts and leggings from Kipsta same specification as same as long sleeves which are compress the muscles, drying, weather protection. Therefore, users is playing with confidence with all weather conditions 

Top Underwear Keepdry500 produced by increasing Polyamide to increase the mild feeling as well with drying and breathable

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