Futsal Balls

Futsal Balls

Buying a futsal product year ago, many shop owners are wondering why futsal prices are different. the reason why the futsal balls have different prices, because each futsal model has different production.  Different, whether it is leather used to make futsal balls, futsal balls, PU, ​​PVC, TPU) or even molded in different production stages  (Hand-sewn, machine-sewn, glued) makes the quality of the futsal balls come out differently, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each ball production to be a guideline for everyone to buy a futsal  

Directly needs futsal ball sewing process Most modern ball production is based on 3 methods

 1. Ball hand-stitching for futsal balls produced by hand sewing process are expensive, but the resulting futsals are strong, durable, difficult to shape and most of them are competition futsals. Although they are strong, but in sewing the balls  futsal by hand, the seams are far away and need to be inflated frequently.

 2. Sewing the futsal ball by machine (futsal stitch) futsal balls produced by the machine sewing process will be priced.  The stitching by the machine makes the seam more streamlined than the hand-stitched futsal to keep the resolution and beautiful shape because of the consistent stitching but the production by a machine that is can be done in large quantities.  For futsal balls that lack strength and durability the futsal ball may lose its shape when used for a long time.

3. Compression of futsal balls with glue  (Compressed leather futsal ball) Most compressed leather futsal ball is the cheapest, made from PVC or PU leather. Each sheet is compressed with glue, so the futsal ball has no seams. Because the price is cheap, it is suitable for kicking on every court, regardless.  It is a cement or clay field. The lifespan of a compressed leather futsal will be less. Films that are pressed with glue are easily glued off. 

The futsal ball is quite hard, when used for a long time, it can split or swell.

Used for the production of futsal balls.

 1. PU leather, which stands for Polyurethane, is a leather that has been manufactured by scientific method using PU plastic in production, with good ventilation properties, not allergic to genuine leather.  High elasticity, the material surface is quite soft, while moving, will naturally wrinkled like genuine leather. 

2. PVC leather is not flexible, not as soft as PU, stronger than PU, does not cause marks.  G, but when used over time to crack a grain crackers going off marks

 3. TPU stands Thermoplastic Polyurethanes.  It is a rubber-like material that is lighter in weight but harder and more slippery than PU. I hope that the information that we have prepared for you will be helpful in buying a futsal to meet your needs and use.


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